Tuesday, May 28, 2013

X-rated Films Are My Bag, Baby!

I suppose one could argue that all of my posts throughout The ABC's of Swearing have been X-rated. You know, vulgar, obscene, intended only for viewing by adults. I'd argue right back that that argument is bunk, but you can try if you want.

I'm not talking x-rated in terms of violent content; in fact, I refuse to watch any "entertainment" that has a rape scene in it that I have forthcoming knowledge of. Violence on television and in the film industry often disgusts me more than it entertains me, but x-rated in terms of sexual content, bring it on! You can't seriously believe that adults are the only ones having sex; if you do pull you head out of your ass! I mentioned in another post somewhere, or maybe I didn't, but I should have, that if young people were properly educated about sex early on there would be less passing on of the unwanted gifts that keep on giving (STIs), fewer babies having babies, and teens would be a lot less secretive leading to parents who are a lot less worried.

A wise person (I can't remember who) once said that as a society we need to focus on making the fun things (like sex) safe rather than trying to make the safe things (like abstinence) fun. I think I heard this in 2010 after the Vatican spewed it's anti-condom preaching for the world to hear. What a sad day for humanity that was.

With that said bring on the X-Ratings! Bring on the XXX! Bring on the porn! It's rare that I enjoy Rom Coms more than decently put together Porn. Perhaps they are both equally predictable, but at least one of them is exciting!

Now for your viewing pleasure; if THIS doesn't get you all tingly inside before giving you a nerdgasm, I don't know what will! (O, come on, you didn't actually think I'd link you to xxx.com did you?)


  1. Does it mean I am a total geek that I found extreme satisfaction from that link?

    1. It means you get me, you really really get me!