Friday, March 11, 2011

Immunizations and Perogies

Thursday was Doctor Day. $45 for the appointment, $100 for the shots, 3 needles (Hepatitis A and B Twinrix, Typhoid Fever, and Tetanus Booster), two arms that are still a bit sore, and I am almost done the immunization process. I have to get one more dose of the $65 Hepatitis shot before I go and then another one when I get back. Now I'm just waiting to get the final word on whether on not I need to take the Malaria meds or not and I'll be set! While waiting for the pharmacy to fill the required syringes, I stocked up on two forms of Gravol (drowsy and non-drowsy) and Immodium...o the wonders of travelling when one has an anxious digestive system.

Thursday also marked the first day of my first real fundraiser. Out went the Ukrainian Perogy Fundraiser emails and in came the orders. The original plan was to cap the orders at 200 dozen, but when, after only two hours, I had over 100 dozen ordered, Mom and I decided that we'd increase the amount a little. Currently, we are sitting at 217 dozen ordered. Requests have slowed down now and after tomorrow Mom and Baba will have a stock of 100 dozen ready to go. Next weekend I hope to travel home to G.P. to get my fingers involved in the pinching as well.

A few other Leave of Absense has been approved at work. I have to be in Gaborone for orientation on May 9th. I am still working out the end date of my placement. I've gotten in touch with Gillian, a woman who is in Gaborone on an SWB placement right now and she is answering all of my questions! I cannot express how grateful I am to have come in contact with her. She is putting my nerves at ease considerably.

Cheers to needle and perogy pinches!

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  1. Thank your mom - the perogies were to DIE for!!!! (As I expected!) :-)