Sunday, August 4, 2013

Brandon to Fredericton: MB to NB: Our Epic Road Trip

Since I'll be moving the 3500km from Brandon, Manitoba to Fredericton, New Brunswick at the end of this month, Cowboy Tex (formerly known as Farmer Joe) and I planned our holidays around taking a road trip there so that I could get a feel for the place! It was lovely and I'll try my best to create a mostly-pictures-few-words blog post all about it.

I've always known Canada is a beautiful country. I've driven all the way to the West Coast and taken the ferry to Vancouver Island, but I hadn't, until this trip, driven East. (Manitoba is in the centre - kind of - of the country, for those not up to snuff on their Canadian geography).

Northern Ontario is majestic, almost as much so as Western Alberta and British Columbia. It makes up the southern portion of the Canadian Shield and it is wonderously rocky and full of coniferous forests covering rolling hills and valleys.

Lake Superior, living up to its name.

Quebec is a bit more like the prairies that I am familiar with, very much an agricultural province. Quebec intimated the heck out of me because its official language is French. Despite the fact that I wish, more than many things, that I spoke French, I do not. I feel very guilty about that. Perhaps after I complete my Master's, learning French will be the next thing on my list.

I spent a lovely, albeit swelteringly hot, day and two nights
in Montreal with a dear friend of mine. 

The city is brilliant in its historic nature and vibrant culture.
I've been told by many people that I would love Montreal and they were not wrong! 
It would have been wonderful to have taken
actual engagement photos here, but it was so
hot that I just couldn't bring myself to change
into something engagement-photo worthy.

New Brunswick was breath-taking! After a rather flat Quebec, our most eastern destination presented us with rolling hills and vibrant greenery. The St. John River runs right through Fredericton creating a consistently cool breeze to blow throughout the city. 

Fredericton, as a city, is wonderful. It is a small city (60,000 people). It is a city full of art and culture. It is a city with a strong government and military presence.
It is an old city.
It is a city with a strong university presence. 

 I felt at home there. 


  1. Thanks so much for connecting with me, Brandy! Whatan amazing blog you have here! You've got yourself a new follower in me and I will certainly keep popping by to hear about your continuing adventures.

  2. I LOVE Canada, just not the cold. We used to live on Lake Ontario, and brrrr. It was beautiful though.

  3. I went to your About Me, didn't tell me much. For some reason I thought you were a fellow South African. Probably the map. By the way Congrats! And thanks for stopping by my blog. Write on!

  4. Looks like a wonderful, and fun filled road trip. How nice now you can look forward to the move vs being nervous about the unknown.

  5. Beautiful! I'm not surprised you felt at home there. Not long now... :-)

  6. Brandy, wonderful pictures! I was blogging during my trip to South Africa recently. It is fun to share the fun and wonder. Thanks!

  7. hey sister, I finally posted that award! Just for you ;)

  8. oh yeah and you are now the proud recipient of the Golden Side Boob award...go check it out...not my proudest moment but also not my least by far!

  9. What awesome pics! And you look Fab, Girl!

    Now go read my acceptance speech to you ;)

  10. Hi Brandy, I think matching white shorts in front of a love heart is a sweet engagement memento. I am sure you have many new adventures ahead of you I can vouch for learning a new language as being an exciting one. I hope all your moving plans are going smoothly, (what's happening with the chickens?)

  11. Uber congrats... I love those pics :)

    Shah X

  12. Hi Brandi,
    Hope you're doing well. Happy weekend.

  13. I've checked back several times, but no new post has me wondering if you're ok. Did you ever settle in? Usually don't leave additional comments on the same post, but thought I would today in order to say hi and hope to hear from you soon.

  14. Wow....still no posts. Quess you're not blogging anymore, even with all the new stuff going on there...pooey. If you ever get back to it, please swing by for a visit and let me know so we can re-connect.

  15. I just happened by your blog and so glad I did. What an amazing post. I'm now your newest follower. Beautiful photos!