Thursday, September 23, 2010

$2500 and UP!

On Wednesday, September 22nd, I met my second DARE goal of $2500. I reached that goal because I am surrounded by phenomenal people with BIG hearts! 72 phenomenal people to be exact! Friends, family, colleagues, and even people I've never met, comprise the group of people who have made this $2500 possible.

To each and every one of you, I say THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart and with every essence of my being.

I shave my head in 22 days on October 17th - the official launch date for 'A Dare to Remember' is October 19th - and while dares can be carried out at anytime, the official end date of the campaign is Dec. 1st. I've upped my goal to $5000 - do you think WE can do it?!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Less Than One Month and the Afri-Grand Caravan

Time has flown. I'm $125 from my second goal of $2500 and it's less than one month until it all comes off. I can't wait.
The whole thing is going down on Sunday, October 17th at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School in Brandon MB. On that same day, the Afri-Grand Caravan will also be making a stop in Brandon on its cross-Canada tour. Brandon is one of 40 communities in Canada that the Stephen Lewis Foundation, along with an African grandmother and granddaughter, will be visiting. The two women from Malawi will tell their stories, share their strategies, and talk about their challenges and triumphs in dealing with the ravages of AIDS. These African women and girls are at the heart of grassroots efforts that are assisted by the funds raised by the Stephen Lewis Foundation and people like me!

Consider this your official invitation to the event!

We're going to have coffee and snackies from Forbidden Flavours, a great afternoon of chit chat, and we'll end off the day with the loss of my locks, followed by a henna tattooing of the Dare logo on my bald scalp.

Be there or be square!