Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RAOK: DAY 100 ... I'm Just so Darn Kind

Friday, June 1
Inspirational Quote: "Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives."

I actually had really big plans for today; really, I did. I honestly have not felt as exhausted as I did today in a really long time so I kibosh-ed my plans (I was going to finally get some balloons and go to the children's ward in the hospital), went straight home from work, and went to sleep. I know, a very anti-climatic Day 100. I did place the order for the honey fundraiser I talked about on Day 93, 140 jars of flavoured honey and $280 for the SRP! As for the daily RAOKs, I'm still going to make a conscious effort to do kind things, I'm just not going to keep track of them anymore, at least not daily. When I do something a bit out-of-the-ordinary (see below), I'll tell all y'all about it, but otherwise, just imagine me going around doing kind things whenever I can. Heck, do some kind acts yourself! Honestly, I am going to be dedicating myself to training for and blogging about the half marathon I am set to run in December. I'll also be focusing a considerable amount of effort on the fundraising associated with said half marathon.

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June 6 (that's today) is Tim Horton's Camp Day. I not only bought myself a coffee, but I also bought coffees for three other people at the university. I'm just so darn kind.

Friday, June 1, 2012

RAOK: DAY 99 - Show Me the Money

Thursday, May 31
Inspirational Quote: "I have a simple philosophy. Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches."
Today I offered to act as an administrator for a friend's "wish". Krystal lost 140 pounds and needs to have cosmetic surgery to have the excess skin removed. The surgeries are going to cost $35,000 and are not covered by Manitoba Health (for shame). Krystal doesn't feel comfortable handling money that is donated to her cause, but has been told time and time again that she should start a campaign for herself. Since Krystal doesn't feel comfortable handling the money, I offered to do it for her. We're just in the early stages, but once it gets going I'm her gal.

RAOK: DAYS 97 & 98 - Friends, Country Folk, and Joggers

Tuesday, May 29
Inspirational Quote: "A friend is one who knows and loves you just the same."
Today was all about friends and kindness. I had inside information that Carissa has been dealing with some dissension in the ranks of her workplace. I sent her a quick facebook message today letting her know how incredible I think she is. I was also randomly able to get together with one of my besties for coffee. Jocey has been my best friend for almost 5 years now and I owe a lot of my self-realisation to her. I'd have to say she's Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda all rolled into one (SATC). Jocey knows my deepest darkest secrets and loves me anyway. I bought her hot chocolate!

Wednesday, May 30
Because I keep forgetting to open quotes from my jar, I think those 30-days of inspiration will end up being closer to 40. Today, I didn't really plan anything in terms of an RAOK. I had a minor procedure done at the doc and kind of had a "blah" day after that. I did realise a few kind things today though; country folk (drivers to be more specific) wave at everyone. I remember those waves growing up in a small town; everyone waves to everyone. During a drive down a gravel road today, I made a point of waving back. It's a strange phenomenon that's hard to get used to after living in the city for so long, but a wonderful one none-the-less. The second kind thing I noticed is that joggers are similarly friendly. Joe and I went jogging today and everyone else we passed that was out for a nice brisk jog said "hello" to us. Of course, we smiled and said "hello" back. Joggers kindness!