Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Follow Up: 29 RAKs for my 29th on Jan 29!

I had one heck of a 29th Birthday on January 29th! In the midst of work and class, I managed to pull off my goal of performing 29 Random Acts of Kindness to celebrate my birthday. My original list can be found here, but this is what the list ended up looking like by midnight on January 29th (just a few changes). I actually did more than 29, but this is what I kept track of:

Random Acts of Kindness (as at 9:30 a.m.)
1. Put a gift in my mailbox for the mail carrier.
2. Left snacks in two bus stops.
3. Mailed two letters (yes, like actual hand-written letters).
4. Bought donuts for the office.
5. Bought coffee for two hardworking baristas.
6. Paid for the person behind me at the drive thru.
7. Had a friend deliver flowers to a wonderful public health nurse.
8. Eyebombed around campus (a.k.a. put googly eyes on inanimate objects).
9. Put up Stress Relief posters on campus (a.k.a. bubble wrap posters).
10. Put up Smile posters on campus.
11. Stuck funny & inspirational post-it notes to public washroom mirrors.
12. Filled the communal office photo-copier with paper.
13. Left a little gift for someone to find.

Random Acts of Kindness (as at 5:40 p.m.)
14. Took cookies (that I baked) to class.
15. Left Forbidden Flavours Coffee gift cards on desks for students in the library.
16. Dropped off children's books for the waiting rooms at the clinic.
17. Dropped off a bag of stuffed toys, crayons, and puzzles to the Children's Ward at the hospital.
18. Topped up parking meters at the clinic.
19. Cleaned up the trash that was on the street by the clinic.
20. Taped coins to a couple drink and snack vending machines at the hospital.
21. Left a scratch and win ticket for a stranger to find.
22. Let a group of children cross the street (not at a cross walk).

Random Acts of Kindness (as at 11:00 p.m.)
23. Left coins on payphones at the hospital and mall.
24. Put bookmarks in novels at the book store.
25. Left pennies by the Wishing Well at the mall.
26. Put a toonie in a toy machine (with one of those claws) so it was ready to play.
27. Put quarters into candy machines.
28. Held the door open at the mall for a girl with her arms full.
29. Tipped 30% at dinner.

So that was my list. THIS is the list of things that other people did in honour of my 29th birthday and my 29 RAKs:
51 people in 7 countries (Canada, US, Thailand, Ireland, Bolivia, Botswana, and Haiti) across 5 continents did 72 Random Acts of Kindness!
1. Tipped big.
2-10. Brought donuts/cookies/chocolates to work/school. (9)
11. Left a scratch and win ticket on a stranger's car.
12. Sent e-cards.
13-4. Bought lunch for someone else. (2)
15. Donated to a foodbank.
16-18. Donated clothes. (3)
19-20. Donated to a cause. (2)
21. Left credit in a vending machine.
22-5. Bought someone coffee. (4)
26. Mailed a letter.
27. Left books for people to find.
28-9. Topped up parking meters. (2)
30. Held doors open.
31. Bought and left newspapers in public space.
32. Took granddaughter tobogganing.
33. Thanked a public service person.
34. Found a kitten a new home.
35. Collected coupons for diapers/baby items and gave to a mom in need.
36. Took out all of the garbage bins on the street.
37. Visited with a stranger.
38. Paid for the person behind at a drive thru.
39. Drove a friend's car home.
40. Stocked the bathroom shelf at the office.
41. Helped an elderly lady move about in slippery conditions.
42. Allowed people to cross the street (not at a crosswalk).
43. Left a gift for the mail person.
44. Gave a full loyalty card to a stranger to get the freebie.
(by clicking on 44. or 45., you can see the video associated with them)
45. Gave an abundance of spare change to a busker.
46-7. Complimented/smiled at strangers. (2)
48. Promised not to yell at anyone for the day.
49. Took a surprise lunch to a sick friend.
50. Supplied the beverages for a charity fundraiser.
51-3. Donated textbooks. (3)
54. Let a stranger us personal computer to print an assignment.
55. Helped a friend with legal advice.
56. Filled out a survey for student research.
57. Helped strangers get their car unstuck.
58. Donated a television to a friend.
59. Planned a games night for coworkers.
60. Left coins by payphones.
61. Bought and handed out Fair Trade chocolates.
62. Gave a new backpack to a girl to go to school.
63. Took care of sick mother.
64-6. Decorated my office for my birthday/brought me cake/flowers. (3)
67. Launched free music.
68. Bought food for a struggling family.
69-70. Unknown. (2)
AND 71-2. My favorites: These RAKs were performed by my 9 and 6 year old cousins - Gave coffee money to all of the moms dropping off children at dayhome and each left 5 loonies at the concession counter at school so that unsuspecting strangers could have a treat! (They used their own money, too, not their parents' money!)