Friday, June 1, 2012

RAOK: DAYS 97 & 98 - Friends, Country Folk, and Joggers

Tuesday, May 29
Inspirational Quote: "A friend is one who knows and loves you just the same."
Today was all about friends and kindness. I had inside information that Carissa has been dealing with some dissension in the ranks of her workplace. I sent her a quick facebook message today letting her know how incredible I think she is. I was also randomly able to get together with one of my besties for coffee. Jocey has been my best friend for almost 5 years now and I owe a lot of my self-realisation to her. I'd have to say she's Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda all rolled into one (SATC). Jocey knows my deepest darkest secrets and loves me anyway. I bought her hot chocolate!

Wednesday, May 30
Because I keep forgetting to open quotes from my jar, I think those 30-days of inspiration will end up being closer to 40. Today, I didn't really plan anything in terms of an RAOK. I had a minor procedure done at the doc and kind of had a "blah" day after that. I did realise a few kind things today though; country folk (drivers to be more specific) wave at everyone. I remember those waves growing up in a small town; everyone waves to everyone. During a drive down a gravel road today, I made a point of waving back. It's a strange phenomenon that's hard to get used to after living in the city for so long, but a wonderful one none-the-less. The second kind thing I noticed is that joggers are similarly friendly. Joe and I went jogging today and everyone else we passed that was out for a nice brisk jog said "hello" to us. Of course, we smiled and said "hello" back. Joggers kindness!

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