Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A-Z Challenge: Random Acts of Kindness beginning with "W," "X," "Y," and "Z"

I'm still battling with my health, (although I am seeing some positive progress) so this post also contains four letters like the last one.

Throughout the A-Z Challenge I'll be blogging through the alphabet using each letter to create a list of Random Acts of Kindness. I've been collecting RAK ideas for some time now as I gear up to the 2016 launch of a project dear to my heart: B(e) Kind 366. I'll be performing an act of kindness every day of the leap year starting January 1st, 2016 while raising funds for World University Service of Canada (WUSC), an organisation that changed my life.

I'm starting each post with a synonym (of sorts) for kindness. I added this part to my posts because of an amazing movement I am a part of 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion. We link up monthly and blog about changing the world for the better. It's magical really. We're even on Twitter! @1000Speak

W is for Warm, but to be honest, I could not come up with synonyms for "X," "Y," or "Z."

Walk - with a friend, alone, take your dogs!
Watch - the sunrise, the sunset, the rain come down.
Wave - to people you drive past.
Wish - leave coins on a wishing well or fountain for others to wish with.
X (as in kiss - xoxo) - send someone a special message and use it to sign off, leave it as a comment on a loved one’s facebook, make some out of paper and leave caring messages on them.
XD (the emoticon for a laughing face) - text it, facebook it, tweet it!
X Marks the Spot - bury treasure in a playground and leave clues for a child to find.
Xavier Rudd - So much of Xavier's music is incredibly beautiful and kind. I've chosen one of my favourites, "Better People," to share with you. 
Xpialidocious - say it, sing it. Embrace the awesomeness of the “word.”

Yoga - attend a class, follow a video, try a different type (ashtanga, bikram, hot, restorative, vinyasa), attend a Yoga-thon!

Zombie Run - take part as a participant or a volunteer.
Zumba - try it! Attend a Zumba-thon!

That's it; that's all, folks! I'll do a wrap up post in a few days with a count of how many RAKs I listed A-Z. Here's a fun thought: before I do the count, YOU venture a guess and post it in the comments. I'll do something especially kind for the person who is the closest to the correct number. 

In addition check out my super fun "If Jane Austen Blogged A-Z" post, test your Janeite knowledge, and win some Jane Austen swag! 


  1. Yay, We're finished. 23.

  2. Congrats on finishing. You came up with lots of ideas. I enjoyed your theme. Hope to continue to see you even after the challenge.

    1. I plan to continue posting at least once a month until next year when I start logging my kind acts every day!

  3. Sorry you aren't feeling well, but good on you for crossing that line. I have enjoyed your theme, and yes, I will do a zombie run at some point.

    Congrats on surviving the challenge! :)

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, David. A Zombie run is on my list as well :)

  4. Hey, you did it in spite of ill health. You get double points or hugs or something great. Be well.

  5. Popping back in to say hi, hope all is well and to thank you for your sweet supportive visits and comments.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond