Monday, May 2, 2016

A to Z Challenge: B(e) Kind 366 - Y is for Yes and Z is for Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Day

I fell a bit behind on the last two letters, but here they are. 

First, though, I'll explain B(e) Kind 366. It's a project I've been planning for a few years now that started on January 1st of 2016. Every day this year (366 days) I'm performing an act of kindness (random or otherwise), doing a monthly challenge of some sort, and raising funds for three charities that have effected my life: World University Service of Canada, The Women's Resource Centre, and the Canadian Cancer Society. 

I blogged A-Z last year with lists of potential acts. Here's the W, X, Y, and Z post from last year. I got sick near the end of last year's challenge so I had to write a couple of posts that included more than one letter. 

As for this year, Y is for Yes and Z is for Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Day! I came up with these because I had two really great days. I didn't do acts of kindness that start with Y or Z - mostly because there are a limited number of ideas under those letters. What I did do on those two days was so amazing that I decided "Yes" and "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Day" were good descriptors of how I felt. 

On Friday  afternoon I participated in Indigenous ceremony and completed a hand drum at The Women's Resource Centre (one of the organizations I am raising funds for). I learned so much from the grandmothers who facilitated the workshop. The drums are comprised of two spirits: the buffalo's whose hide we used for the face of the drum and the tree's whose wood we used for the frame. Once the drums were completed, we feasted them with water and berries. They will be awakened in another ceremony on Thursday. I cannot wait!

Later in the evening on Friday, I spent time with some of the incredible people that make up World University Service of Canada (or WUSC and one of the other organizations B(e) Kind 366 is in place to raise funds for). There are sponsored students who fled countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia, and South Sudan in this photo. We had an "end of the school year" bbq and I sat and listened to discussions about life in the refugee camps and the politics of a number of African nations - one of my favourite things to do!

On Saturday, I spent the evening with my "Little" from Big Brothers Big Sisters. We went to an arcade and then made dinner together at my house. We watched a movie while we ate and on the way home he said to me, "I had a lot of fun today. How long do you think I'll be with you guys?" That melted my heart!  -- My Oh My What a Wonderful Day! --

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  1. Hi Brandy, what a lovely post. Well done you. x

  2. That's great! Good job on doing nice things for others.
    Thanks for visiting me during A to Z. I tagged you in a post on my blog.