Saturday, November 6, 2010


A little more low-key today, but still kind none-the-less. As a man was struggling to pull a load of boxes on a trolley cart out two sets of doors, I quickly changed my point of exit so that I could assist him with his feat. Too many times I've had my arms full and/or had a door slam shut in my face. Too many times I've seen someone struggling to open a door for themselves with their arms full while people just walk right on by as if the person struggling is completely invisible. It's not that difficult to hold open a door - so I do it at every opportunity I can.

On a side note to Day 6 - in response to my boyfriend's phone call in which he told me he was thining of buying a big screen tv and all of the technological fixings to make it double as a computer, I said, "Ok Hunny." - I think that counts!

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