Monday, November 8, 2010

Randomly Kind on Days 7 and 8

Day 7 - Sunday - I spent most of my day at home reading which made it a little difficult to do something randomly kind; however, I was given the perfect opportunity to do something nice on my quick trip to the grocery store. On the way back to my apartment I slowed down to let someone merge into traffic in front of me. Once again, this is something that too seldom happens in my city of residence. People either don't notice signal lights or simply cannot be bothered to let other drivers in.

Day 8 - Back to work Monday and an act of kindness first thing. I left a bouquet of flowers outside the door of my hair stylist's salon. I left a little anonymous note, but since she knows that I am doing this challenge, she knew right away that it was me. I made her day and her happiness made mine!

The flowers were my only plan for the day, but something truly random popped up. At lunch, I noticed a colleague was a lot quieter than she typically is during our lunch breaks. Not wanting to put her on the spot, after lunch I sent her a short little email with a funny picture attached and told her I hoped all was well. She responded that she was having a rough day and thanked me for the reminder to smile!

I really love this challenge!

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