Monday, November 1, 2010

Done Deed

Alright folks, I know I've been a tardy blogger, but I have been BUSY - you know, shaving my head and stuff! This post is going to be a whole lot of photos for your viewing pleasure. This is the beginning of the end of my lovely long locks. After quartering into ponytails, Shelley brought out the clippers, with no guard, I might add!

Those four little ponytails will be donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths where they will be made into wigs for women with cancer. On their website, Pantene states, "A real-hair wig allows a woman to look in the mirror and at least see a familiar face while she fights to regain a sense of normalcy in her life." After a little googling I found out that to buy a human-hair wig, a woman is looking at spending at least $1000. Through Pantene Beautiful Lengths, women across Canada, are provided with these wigs free of charge.

I swear I am not about to cry in this photo as much as it may appear that way. At this point the back of my head is fully shaved and Shelley is working her way up to the top and front.

Ok, now this one really does look like I am crying - ha! I'm not, I promise. I think my mom may have shed a few tears for my lengthy locks, but I was A-ok the whole time.

See - all smiles! Four ponytails to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society, at this point - $3050 to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa, and I really could not be more pleased. Since then, I've made it to nearly $3500 which is $1500 away from my final goal of $5000. I met phenomenal people who work and volunteer with the Stephen Lewis Foundation. I met three incredible women from Malawi who are working with and benefiting from the funds that are being raised by things like my head shave.

These are those inspiring people. Tanja, Joanne, Manass, Ruth, Carol, Healy, and Rosemary. A piece of my heart is with them always. I am truly blessed to have spent a little over 24 hours each of them.

And now, avid blog readers, you are in for a special treat.

These are my people; my groupies; my minions; my life loves. Without them I could not do what I do each and every day. Every one of these smiling faces has had some part in the long road to this head shave. Starting at the top left: Gemma, Jocey, Shannon, Corissa, Amy. Bottom left: Abraham, Elias, Haley, Immaculate, Ang.

$1500 away from $5000 - open your hearts and your wallets and donate!

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