Friday, April 22, 2016

A to Z Challenge: B(e) Kind 366 - S is for Save the Earth

B(e) Kind 366 is an initiative I've been planning for a few years and it's finally here. Every day in 2016 I'm performing an act of kindness (random or otherwise), taking on monthly challenges (like blogging A-Z), and raising funds for three organizations that have effected my life. 

Last year I blogged A-Z with lists of potential kind acts. Here's my S list, if you're interested: Random Acts of Kindness beginning with "S."

It's Earth Day today so S is for the Save the Earth. 

My act of environmental kindness in honour of Earth Day was to sign up for the city's compost program. In a week or two we'll have a green bin and be ready to compost! I recently learned that food garbage doesn't decompose inside a regular trash bag. I feel like that is something that I should have known, but I didn't. In the near future, between recycling and composting we should have relatively little garbage!

Earth = Green, Green = G, G = Giveaway! (Visit my G post and enter my giveaway!)