Friday, July 23, 2010

Meet Karen

In my last post I mentioned that I do some freelance for Suite101. I want to share a story with you about how wonderful the world of social media actually is despite all of the negativity it receives in terms of privacy and all that noise.

I have never met Suite writer, Karen Stephenson. One day, I got a random Friend Request on Facebook from her hoping that we could network as we were both writers for the online site. We chatted every now and again on Facebook and through email and took a liking to each others writing. When Karen heard about my head shave, she took it upon herself to do a special interest piece on me and my story. At Suite we make money when people click on the advertisements Google associates with our articles, so it isn't likely that Karen will make much more than a few bucks on the article she wrote about me, but that is simply not the point. The point is that Karen thinks what I am doing is admirable and to show her support (in addition to the donation she gave me) she took the time to do some research, do a mini interview with me, and publish the article. Now, I will spare you the negativity that initially resulted from some editorial comments, because, it just makes my blood boil slightly more every time I think about it. What matters, is that the article has been approved and is up for public viewing.

Here it is: Stephen Lewis Foundation Helps AIDS Orphans in Africa.

The original title was a lot more interesting, but one of the things the editor asked to have changed. "Brandy Robertson: Suite101 Writer to Take it All Off for Charity" was the original title. See, much cooler!

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post, we also get stats per article so we can see how people are finding our articles. Karen shared the latest stats with me and this is what they showed people are searching for:
  • Brandy Robertson Brandon MB Radio Interview
  • Brandy Robertson Radio Interview
  • Brandy Robertson Brandon MB
Pretty cool, if I do say so myself! People are freakin' googling me!

Anyway, my point of this post was to introduce you all to Karen. So please take a minute and check out some of her pieces. Karen Stephenson @

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