Sunday, July 18, 2010

Radio Interview

So on Tuesday, July 13th I was invited to do a morning radio spot on both KX 96 and 101 The Farm in Brandon. KX 96 is a rock station and that is where I had my first interview/plug. Try as I may, I cannot load the mp3 file onto this blog so below is the transcription of the 4 minute, 22 second, radio spot.

Brody Allan (BA) - KX 96 Radio Host: "I'm joined by Brandy Lyn Robertson - Brandy, how are you today?"
Brandy Robertson (BR) a.k.a - MOI: "I am awesome!"
BA: "It's bright an early, is that ok?"
BR: "O ya - that's fine."
BA: "You're awake?"
BR: "I'm awake. I'm good."
BA: "You've had a million coffees?"
BR: "No actually, no coffee yet." (both laugh)
BA: "At some point down the road."
BR: "Ya, very soon."
BA: "Now Brandy, you are doing a thing, it's called Dare to Remember, correct?"
BR: "Ya. You bet!"
BA: "And what is the basis of what exactly you are doing? You're trying to raise some cash for..."
BR: "Basically, it's for grassroots organizations in Africa and it's for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign which is basically grandmothers who raise their grandchildren because the middle generation has been wiped out by the AIDs pandemic. So, the money that I raise goes to the Stephen Lewis Foundation which then goes to these organizations in Africa."
BA: "Now you mentioned that Stephen Lewis is one of your heroes, probably one of your biggest heroes that you have out there. Is there a specific reason? Like, is it because of his causes and everything that he has going on for him?"
BR: "Uh, ya, pretty much. I'm big into humanitarian stuff and he's like the uber humanitarian and so, he's one of my heroes."
BA: "That's a good person to follow and you'll probably get other people to try and do that as well. You know, it's so easy now with today's generation to go and follow sports atheletes or you know, say, 'who's your hero?' 'O - it's Lebron James', or something like that. Whereas to have a humanitarian, someone with a cause and a reason behind it, is a lot better for the generation. Any advice for people to see, maybe get them to open their eyes to see somebody else out there rather than just what we're given in the social media everyday?"
BR: "Just search these people, you know, check it out. Think outside the box, I guess, beyond everything that we take for granted everyday here and think about the people in other countries, you know, that don't have clean drinking water like we have and that we waste everyday."
BA: " Uh, $2500 is your goal."
BR: "Ya, you bet!"
BA: "How would people donate? How can people donate to your cause? Your cause, you are shaving your head!"
BR: "Ya, you bet! Shaving off my long hair and I'll be giving the hair, itself, to a place that's going to make wigs for cancer patients, but then the funds raised are going to go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. So, um, if people want to donate or get involved, the website's pretty easy. It's just and if they want to find me, personally, they just need to type in 'Brandy' and my page will come up."
BA: "It's that easy and you are a very brave person because you have lovely locks!"
BR: (laughs) "Ya, you bet!"
BA: "And, you're willing to donate your hair, because I can tell ya, there's not a lot of people who would be willing to do that."
BR: "No, I'm trying to convince other people to do it, but I've been unsuccessful, so far." (both laugh)
BA: "Well, just wait 'til they're sleeping and just buzz it right off!"
BR: (laughs) "Ya! Totally!"
BA: "They'll have no idea! Ok, the thing about volunteering for good causes is that it can be contagious; once you get one person volunteering, you can get other people along the way. How can someone follow your path? Do what you're doing?"
BR: "That's actually my biggest hope for this. I mean the money is awesome. The donations are awesome, but what I really really am hoping is that Brandon and Westman will kind of, like, latch on to the dare train, if you want to say, and do their own things. I'm hoping that people will log onto the website, and take a look at some of the dare suggestions, and start a dare page of their own, and raise some money. It's really simple, and you can do pretty much anything."
BA: "What's an example? If somebody doesn't want to shave their head, but they want to do something or some kind of cause, what is one that you would recommend?"
BR: "Well, I'm trying to convince my friends to sky dive, but that's a little bit intense, too. (both laugh) You can do, really, anything; like you can dare to wear your clothes backwards for a week, or, you know, stand up in the middle of the supermarket and start doing the funky chicken or something like that. It's really easy. It can take five minutes or it can be, like, a goal to run a half marathon, or something. Whatever you, personally, feel is something that you want to do."
BA: "The website, again..."
BR: ""
BA: "And you can check out Brandy's site there. Just type in 'Brandy' and you can check out what she's doin. You can also donate and feel free to. Reach that goal of 2500 bucks!"
BR: "I hope so!"
BA: "Good for you and congratulations, Brandy!"
BR: "Awesome! Thanks Brody!"

So, that was it folks! The one that I did on 101 The Farm is a bit shorter, but I don't have that clip yet. Hopefully, I get it soon and can share it too.

One funny thing, I feel the need to point out, however, is that he actually pronounced by last name 'Robinson'. We were already recording and I didn't have the heart to correct him. No biggy, but good for a chuckle none-the-less.

Brody Allan is one of the coolest cats on the radio scene - IMO - rockin' and rollin' in his studio off air, just as much as he does on air. I am totally glad that he was the one who interviewed me.
Check out KX 96 online cuz THEY ROCK!

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