Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Made MM's MoFo-in' Zompocalypse Survival Team!

First, MM stands for Marjorie McAtee, Don't Call [Her] Marge. I'm going to refer to her as M from this point forward, well, because today is 'M' Day. She writes this bad ass blog (the one I just linked to back there) and I've been a fan of her writing for quite some time now. In fact, she's pretty much the whole reason why I am and a whole bunch of other kick ass bloggers are doing The ABC's of Swearing during the month of May.

Anyway, I nominated M for a Leibster and then a Very Inspiring Blogger Award which she accepted with a squee of excitement and then proceeded to tell me that these awards were being spread around like fleas on monkey balls and so she would be responding with her own unique award creation rather than following all of the award rules. M's a nonconformist, you see. She's a mother truckin' (what does that phrase even mean?) rebel really, living free and by her own rules. So here's the award:

Cheese 'n' Rice, I made the MoFo-'in Team! A bunch of other super rad bloggers also made the cut and because I want to live free and by my own rules I'm adding Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) to our team because his manly musculature makes my mouth water and he's one bad ass mother fucker!

Don't worry, team. Just stay calm and follow Daryl Dixon (Oh, and watch the puddle of drool!)


  1. Hi Brandy!

    Seeking out bloggers with less than 200 followers. I'm passing on the Liebster Award to you!
    You can found it over at my blog

    New follower!

  2. Good call. We could use a Darryl. Although some might say that I'm the female Darryl. Ahem.

  3. My daughter would say you have EXCELLENT taste in Zombie killers.

    High Five on making the team! You're one of the cool kids!

  4. Interesting blog and post, giving us a good sample of your brain flow! :) Thanks for popping over to my blog, and may your award posts be shining. Writer’s Mark

  5. Love it! I want a crossbow. I think I'd be super awesome at it.