Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Really? Rape is Reasonable?

It's time for 'R' in The ABC's of Swearing and while I could talk about rimjobs, I'm going to attempt to prove a point.

Here are a few headlines taken from a really quick search of The Globe and Mail and The New York Times. These headlines have appeared in the last month.

Search query = rape:

Boy sentenced to 5 years for role in rape, murder plot
Why do bullying and rape outrage us?
Man charged with kidnapping, rape
Senior lawmaker quizzed over rape, denies allegations
Anthropology students face abuse, even rape, at field sites
Juvenile inmates found to be at no greater risk for prison rape
Woman is arrested in rape rumour that ignited protest
Tech advisor files defamation suit against rape accuser
Police seek another rape suspect
Gang rape suspect in critical condition

There we go; I think ten is enough.

Search query = cunt:

0 results

Apparently we live in a society where it is perfectly acceptable to see rape in the headlines of the most popular newspapers in the country, but to see cunt, well that would just be vulgar, derogatory, and completely uncalled for....


  1. I'm a new follower, and trust me, I'm not trying to ignite a war of words.

    Would Sexual Assault be preferable? Unfortunately, I don't think it holds the same weight as "rape" because of the vulgarity of the word. And rape has been accepted, at least by americans, in the use of common conversation for at least the 40 years I have been alive.

    I realize that "rape" isn't given the weight it deserves as a crime, but will making the word more taboo fix that?

    Please understand, this isn't me trolling, I'm curious understanding a different perspective.

    1. Hey Mark,
      Thanks for stopping by again and for following my ramblings! Did you read my Cock-a-doodling and Cunts post? That might give you a bit more context as to what I am trying to say here.
      Making 'rape' a more taboo word is not the point I am trying to make, in fact, it is almost the opposite. I have a VERY difficult time with the fact that as a society we are openly accepting (common conversation for at least the 40 years...like you said) of the word 'rape', but the term 'cunt' is deemed offensive.
      My real point is that 'cunt' should NOT be a taboo word. Why is cunt a 'swear' word, but 'rape' openly accepted? I don't want 'rape' to be more taboo. I just want 'cunt' (and words like that) to be less taboo!
      Clear as mud?! Ha! I hope that helps a little to clarify.

    2. Maybe if less time was spent on PC-isms and semantics then words like cunt and those depicting anatomy would no longer be used in a shaming and derogatory fashion. I think the word rape is far more offensive to me because of its meaning and the violence it carries with it. By the same token I think people have developed a negative connotation around words like cunt and dick and because of the negativity attached to them, they've become more taboo than the actual terminology they were meant to portray. Its all in how we choose to use them. No one is insulting someone saying..."You're such a penis...vs ...YOU ARE SUCH A DICK!" Those words are not going to be accepted because of our inability to use them in any appropriate non-insulting manner. DO I make any sense?...I seem to have gone a bit ranty on you, sorry... it boils down to I agree, I think.

    3. You make sense to me. Our inability to use them in any appropriate non-insulting manner is exactly what drives my up the wall! Then again the word Vagina is non-insulting and almost as equally taboo to speak out loud. That makes me even more angry...sigh!

    4. vagina, vagina, vagina...hope that helps!

    5. Ok...thanks for the enlightenment and fully agree with you. So many people believe that words have power, when we give words power. I don't care if I'm being called a Cock because a)I'm either acting like one or b)I'm not acting like one and I don't care what that person thinks of me anyway.

      My wife and I have an agreement and have had it since we dated: we can call each other Bitch at any time with no resentment and I can tell you it works fabulously for us.

      Thanks for sharing your POV!

  2. I am so glad I found you. You are my blogging soul mate.

    1. Aw, shucks! I think I actually found you! Beat ya to it, bitch!