Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A-Z Challenge: I is for Intellect

I actually didn't have an 'I' word for A-Z until yesterday as I walked to my car after work. My theme is "All Things Grad School" and as I ran through 'I' words in my head 'intellect' seemed like a fitting choice when it popped into mind.

To get into graduate school one requires a first class baccalaureate honours degree. Typically, first class means a grade point average (g.p.a.) of at least 3.70 (out of 4.30). My g.p.a. is 3.89 which is a whole lot of intellect if you ask me!

At my undergraduate institution degrees are classified in three categories according to intellect. Students can graduate with Distinction if they have a g.p.a. of 3.70 or better, with Great Distinction if they have a g.p.a of 3.80 or better, and with Greatest Distinction if they have a g.p.a of 3.90 or better.  Everyone reading this will have enough intellect to determine that I missed having "with Greatest Distinction" on my degree by 0.01. I know I shouldn't be disappointed. I am "great" after all, but 0.01?!, come on!

I tried to bribe the Office Assistant in the Senate Office (she's the one who prints all of the degrees) to increase my g.p.a., but she has another 'I' word going for she wouldn't. I was not impressed (look at all these 'I' words, I'm suddenly coming up with).

As I work through the 20 months it will take me to complete my Master of Arts in English my capacity for intellect will only increase (and that, ladies and gents, was one more 'I' word!)


  1. I just keep coming back here. :)

  2. First time to visit your blog. Enjoy your Masters program!



  3. :) I need to question the intellect of that office assistant.
    Nice to meet you!

  4. Education and intellect don't necessarily go hand in hand, and some have great intellect and minimal education. Too many schools teach to test, and memorizing facts vs analyzing a situation and coming to a conclusion.

    Hope you enjoy your grad school experience. A-Z