Saturday, April 27, 2013

A-Z Challenge: X is for Xenodochy

I'm pushing the time limit on my X post for A-Z today because my W post is really important to me and I want as many people to read it as possible. With that said, if you are visiting me and haven't read my W post yet, please do. Here's the link back: W is for WUSC.

I did a decent amount of research to find a suitable X word for this post. I wrote down a few options before I found Xenodochy and realised how perfect it is for my "All Things Grad School" theme.

Xenodochy is defined as the reception of or extending of hospitality to strangers or foreigners.

I'm moving to Fredericton to get my Master of Arts Degree at the University of New Brunswick in September and one of the reasons that I chose UNB out of the three schools I was accepted to is because of the reception I received as a potential student.

Before I had even submitted an application to UNB's English Graduate Studies, I emailed the professor that I was hoping to work with as my thesis advisor. She responded almost immediately and when I told her that I was working on a SSHRC application (a $17,500 research grant) she offered to look over it for me and offer some constructive criticism. Um, yes, please! She helped me every step of the way through my grant application and had never even met me.

After I had applied and was accepted into UNB the Director of Graduate Studies told me if there was anything I needed, including help finding a place to live in Fredericton, that I simply needed to let her know.

I feel welcome in Fredericton and I'm not even there yet.

Ok, I know xenodochy really refers to the actual physical reception of a stranger, but in this day and age, cyber-reception/hospitality is just as relevant and therefore, I feel, still applicable to this term.


  1. Xenodochy is more felt in cyber world these days. :)

  2. Wow, I took the easy way out with X. ha! Thanks for stopping by GirlZombieAuthors Still laughing at that possible double wedding theme!

  3. You know Brandy, that people treat us a certain way because of who we are as well. I suspect you are one of those special sorts that people want to watch do the great stuff you know they are destined for... Congrats! I was just stopping in to say thanks again and the Blog award is up-- although I fell short on nominations as I just picked a million over the past few weeks... none the less it was still fun! Thanks again, Z~

  4. What a great word Brandy! It has a nice feel/sound to it as well. It 'sounds' friendly' and 'warm'.
    No doubt you exude xenodochy as well ..
    I wrote on xenophobia, the obvious opposite of xenodochy.
    Susan Scott's Soul Stuff

  5. Interesting. Glad I found your blog. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


  6. While I do not have a story like yours, I have found my own xenodochy online as well.

  7. Brandy, frst of all I have loved coming across all your comments on my Liebster blog nominee pages, the timing of many of them has been perfect, you are a star in my mind... and of course you now provide me with a perfect new word, and I think your online relationship/support is a perfect example of xenodochy.

  8. cyber-reception/hospitality is definitely just as relevant these days.

  9. WOW, that is amazing. Having them be so helpful, friendly, and welcoming would have definitely encouraged me to choose their school too.


  10. Wow. It's nice to hear about people who go the extra mile for others.