Monday, April 29, 2013

A-Z Challenge: Y is for Your/You're

Holy smokes, after this post there is only one more A-Z post on the schedule! I'm still contemplating blogging backwards from Z-A during the month of May. I just can't quite decide if I'm up to it or not. Anyway, back to today's version of "All Things Grad School" (that's my theme) dedicated to the letter 'Y'.

It took me forever (again) to come up with a topic for Y. I had another one of those light bulb moments while randomly spouting off y words in my head. When G came around early on in this blog challenge, I used  'Giddy', which was definitely fitting, but after the fact I realised I really should have used G for 'Grammar'.

Why? Well, because I am a self-certified member of the Grammar Police Task Force. My duty is to serve and correct.

I just graduated with my Bachelor of Arts Honours with English as my major. Poor grammar makes my ears and eyes bleed.

So here's a little lesson:
Your name is Lovely and you're reading my blog.
They're at home telling their friends to click over there and read my blog.
It's alright if its topics do not particularly interest you, comment anyway.
I am never going to say that even just two comments are too few.

Easy, right?!

The other day I won concert tickets (yay me) in a facebook contest. I posted a thank you message on the radio station's facebook page. Their response, "your welcome." AH! I almost gave the tickets back (almost)!


  1. Extraordinary about the you're and your. And 'I would of done ... whatever' and the 'I and me' ... we need the grammar police. Repeat, grammar police, we need you.
    Great post Brandy thank you and congrats on your BA Hons English. My eyes bleed too!

  2. I love the comic. I am so tempted to write some silly grammatical error.I want you to realize how much restraint I am capable of employing!

  3. Fun and funny way to go over grammar topics, Brandy.
    Your and you're are prime example of careless writing. Point noted. :)

    Thanks for this.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  4. I'm an officer of the grammar police too. I carry a red pen around with me to correct signs that I see. Apostrophe catastrophes make my eyes bleed too!

  5. I'll warn you right now, grammar is my Achilles you might find some boo boo's on my blog from time to time. If you decide to continue visiting, that is. :)