Monday, April 1, 2013

A-Z: A is for Applications

Planning to go to Graduate School  in pursuit of a Master of Arts (MA) conjures up a whole heap of required applications – more applications, in fact, than I could have ever imagined.

It began with an application in November to SSHRC (Social Science and Humanities Research Council) for the Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Master's Scholarship in the amount of $17,500 – kind of a big – scratch that – HUGE deal. This first application was also the most daunting. The two-page Program of Study proposal detailing what I plan to research during my MA, sources I plan to cite, and best of all, how my research will contribute to the broad research base that is already available, nearly killed me. The first proposal I wrote was, well, crap! My second attempt at researching to write a research proposal for my application was a lot better. I was recommended for that $17,500, but have yet to find out if I have actually received it or not, meaning I have yet to find out if all of that effort on this first application was really worth it!  I'm supposed to find out sometime in April so stay tuned!

Next up came three applications one after the other:
1. York University Application for Graduate Admission (January 9)
2. University of New Brunswick Application for Graduate Admission (January 15)
3. University of Victoria Application for Graduate Admission (January 15)
Three letters stating why I want to attend each institution – called a Statement of Interest and more research into what makes the English program at each university unique. With more applications come more headaches and more hope. The oddity of the whole situation at this point was that if these three applications were failures, the work done for the first application would be useless. Fortunately, all three of these applications were successful! Booyah – 3 applications to 3 grad schools and 3 acceptances!

Just in case you didn’t read my previous blog post: A-Z Ideas, I will let you in on the now well-known fact that I am going to the University of New Brunswick.

March 1st was the deadline for two more applications, both for scholarships from The Golden Key International Honours Society. I was invited to become a member because I am super smart, really, though, students only get invited if they have a certain grade point average. I paid $90 for my life-long membership. If successful, my application for the Undergraduate Achievement Award will bring me $5000. If successful, my application for the Undergraduate Community Service Award will bring me $2000. Getting either of these awards would make the $90 fee totally worth it. I haven’t heard yet, so continue to wait I shall.

Today, April 1st, brought the deadline for two more Golden Key scholarships, the Canadian Undergraduate Achievement Award and the Canadian Undergraduate Community Service Award, each worth $1000 if my applications are successful.  Again, totally worth the $90 fee – IF – I get one of them. Fingers crossed! 

So what's the total now? 8 applications, right? I’m actually getting kind of tired of writing about how great I am in attempts to brighten my future.

I’ve submitted one application for a graduate scholarship from my undergraduate institution, Brandon University and I’m just waiting on a reference letter and then I can submit another one.  I don’t even remember what amounts these ones are for, but it doesn’t really matter, more money is more money.

I’ll submit two more applications by June 30th provided through the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union (I’m a member while I work for Brandon University) and then, as far as I know, that’ll be it for applications making the grand total 12 applications!

Of course, I’ll always have my eyes open for more potential application opportunities of the scholarship variety. Grad school is expensive after all...which leads quite well into my next A-Z Challenge post. B is for Broke.

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