Monday, April 22, 2013

A-Z Challenge: S is for Sense and Sensibility

If you've been following along on my A-Z adventure you should have noticed that Sense & Sensibility is the only Jane Austen novel that I have yet to discuss. In keeping with my "All Things Grad School" theme, Sense & Sensibility simply cannot be slighted (S is such a spectacular letter, don't you think?!).

Sense & Sensibility (1811) was Austen's first published novel and is my second favorite in the list of 6. Put S&S toe-to-toe with P&P and S&S is the better novel hands down (that was a fun sentence). Ok, P&P might have better characters, but S&S is so full of wit and hilarity that it's by far the better story and Marianne gives Elizabeth a pretty good run for her money in the character department. I mean Colonel Brandon in flannel waistcoats? Come on! It doesn't get any funnier than that!

I'll just leave it short and sweet for this 'S' post and say that if you have never read an Austen novel, read Sense & Sensibility. If you have only read Pride & Prejudice (like most people), read Sense & Sensibility. It's worth it!


  1. Reading S&S is worth the time.

  2. I've never read Sense & Sensibility but I've seen the Kate Winslet movie... not that that counts LOL!
    Suzy Turner, YA Author

  3. I love Sense and Sensibility, but I'm afraid Pride and Prejudice is still my favourite. This post has made me want to dust it off and read it again now though.

  4. I love Mr. Darcy! I even love them with Zombies! But I think Sense and Sensibility is equally beautiful...So who did the art? Its ok...Im gonna feel like a real idiot if its really famous but Im used to that!