Monday, April 1, 2013

A-Z Ideas

I've decided to take part in the ever so popular (in the blogoshphere, anyway) A-Z Blog Challenge. When I signed up to join in the fun, the challenge was rounding out at 1900 participants. My guess is that it'll be at 2000 by the end of the day. Let's do this!
The most exciting thing happening in my life right now is the countdown to the beginning of my Master's of Arts in English which will start on September 4th, 2013! I am moving from Brandon, Manitoba to Fredericton, New Brunswick (approximately 3500km) to study literature a.k.a. read books and write papers. After twenty months and a one hundred-ish page thesis, I will sign my name Brandy Robertson, MA (I can't wait).
So what does my MA have to do with this blog challenge?
Well, it is suggested that when one takes on an A-Z Blog Challenge that one have a theme for said challenge. You get it now, right?! I'll be writing about all things Grad School-related which may include, but are not limited to, the school - University of New Brunswick (UNB), the place - Fredericton, the process - applications, funding, moving, etc., and the topic - Jane Austen's popularity in a 'post-feminist' society. So here is my alphabetised list of topics (not quite complete as you can see):

A- applications
B- broke
C- countdown
D- Downton Abbey
E- Emma
F- Fredericton
G- giddy
H- hill
I- intellect
J- Jane
K- Kindle
L- Lizzie Bennet Diaries
M- Mansfield Park
N- Northanger Abbey
O- options
P- Pride and Prejudice/Persuasion
R- reading
S- Sense and Sensibility
T- thesis
U- University of New Brunswick
V- volunteer
X- xenodochy
Y- your/you're
Z- Zombies (and Pride & Prejudice)

Suggestions to fill in the blanks are most welcome!


  1. I am intrigued by the mixed media piece you are holding in your blog header - NICE!

    Popped in from the AtoZ Challenge.

  2. Thanks! I have that framed poster hanging in my office and am planning on finding a tattoo artist to conjure up some body art for me that is similar. I'll pop by your blog soon!

  3. This is such a great idea Brandy! I am leaving a comment because just reading your blog without doing so feels a bit creepy! I have enjoyed reading it. I think that the letter I could be for the indigestion you will have on a diet of Mr. Noodles :)

    1. Thanks, Gem! I've wanted to do the A-Z Challenge for a couple of years now, but just never got around to committing.