Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blog Hopper Marathon Scavenger Hunt

I'm participating in another one of M.J. Joachim's Blog Hopper Marathon events. This one is a scavenger hunt that involves finding at least 5 bloggers who maintain 3 or more blogs, commenting on each of their blogs, and then highlighting one special blogger.

I'll push off from the starting blocks with M.J. herself, well, because she's the genius leading this hunt!
Here are M.J.'s 3 blogs:
M.J. Joachim's Writing Tips
Being Catholic by M.J. Joachim
Effectively Human

Rounding out the second lap is Kirsten Hart who manages to update 3 blogs regularly:
Just Ermie
Black Coffee and Cigarettes
Short Story Ideas

A third time around the track brings me to Sandy who maintains a whopping 5 blogs (I think she may have super powers):
Sandy's Space --Stories, Stitches, and sometimes Silliness
Flat Stanley and Friends
Oozing out my Ears
Bridge and Beyond
Traveling Suitcase

Coming up on the last lap is Bill Nicholls who I discovered because he promoted his multi-blogging skills on M.J.'s post:
Spud's Daily Photo
Spud's Rural Explorations
A Grave Place
Cholsey New Pavilion
Forgotten Fairmile

I'm crossing the finishing line and giving big ups to Laeli:
Travel with her: Into The Great Wide Open
Live life with her: Words To Live By
Run with her: The Super Shiny Amazing Real Life Adventures Of A Fat Runner
From the first time I stumbled on to her three blogs, I felt that we were cyber-soul mates. She loves travel. I love travel. She loves life. I love life. She's a fat runner. I am a fat runner. We belong together! Laeli's birthday is in June and she has renamed it Lune (because she's a bit of a loon - her words, not mine). The celebrations she has in store for her birthday month are outdone by no one. Take a peek at her blogs and you're sure to love her as much as I do!

Laeli's "Lune" Cake


  1. Well aren't you sweet?! Thanks so much for joining the challenge and including me. You've done a great job with this. From the looks of things, you had a lot of fun too! :)

    1. I just realised that I think you have more than 3 blogs! Shame on me!