Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Life: In Countdowns

Sadly, I have given up on the June: Photo-A-Day challenge. I kind of sort of made it to Day 17 and then my life just caught up to me and something had to give. You'll understand in a minute. Fat Mum Slim just posted her July: Photo-A-Day challenge if any one is interested. I'm not even going to attempt to take part for the month of July because my life is even crazier this upcoming month than it was this last month. Now to the understanding part and the title of this post...

My Life: In Countdowns

In 2...Calgary, Alberta and a long weekend (Monday, July 1st is Canada Day) with one of my brilliant besties. It will include wine, Sex and the City re-runs, and endless hours of catching up. It has been too long!

In 6...Leduc, Alberta and a week with my gorgeous sister. We're doing the Color Me Rad 5km in Edmonton on July 7th. It'll be, well, RAD! I'm raising funds for a charity that is near and dear to my heart if you're interested in contributing. I'll send you a ridiculous before and after photo of me at the race if you do! It'll be worth it; I promise!

In 12...A Skype interview with World University Service of Canada for a volunteer Regional Coordinator position.

In 14...My going away party at Brandon University (that's where I work). I've worked here for 9 years so it's going to be very strange not getting up every morning and following the same old routine. Strange, but fantastic!

In 16...Epic Road Trip (yes, it requires all caps) from Brandon, Manitoba to Fredericton, New Brunswick (3500 km a.k.a. 2175 miles) to check out my soon-to-be new home as I work my way through a Master of Arts in English. We're stopping in Montreal, Quebec and spending a day with another one of my beautiful besties and then coming back through Niagara Falls, Ontario. I absolutely hate driving, but I am actually really looking forward to this adventure across the Eastern "half" of Canada with my hunny (Farmer Joe)!

In 43...I defend my Creative Writing Thesis. I have so much work to get done on it at this point that I am kind of freaking out a lottle (it's like a little, but a lot).

In 50...Ottawa, Ontario/Gatineau, Quebec for the WUSC Leadership Meeting, but this one is dependent on the success of my interview (referred to above).

In 57...I will work my last day at BU.

In 65...Fredericton, New Brunswick for keeps! (and I still have to figure out what to pack)

In 72...Master of Arts in English begins!

Somewhere in all of that I have to plan a a bachelorette party for my best friend and a going away party for myself with all of my close friends. Those things will occur sometime after my Creative Writing Thesis defense and leaving for Fredericton for keeps!


  1. Oh my, you will be busy! Enjoy your trip to Alberta, and have fun with your friends!

  2. :-) Busy, busy!

    I somehow managed to wrap up the June FMSPhotoADay challenge...and almost signed up for the July one...but am not sure I'll do it. :-) July is a tight month.

    Love your header, by the way!