Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blog Hopper Marathon Weekend Triathlon

M.J. over at M.J. Joachim's Writing Tips holds these super swell blog love challenges themed mostly around track and field events (marathons, triathlons, long jumps, sprints, to name a few). I'm participating in her latest endurance event: Blog Hopper Marathon Weekend Triathlon.
Here's what I had to do:

Part 1: Visit and Comment on 25 blogs...DONE! (I didn't actually have to list and link to all 25 blogs, but I needed to keep track anyway so I figured, why not?!)

Laeli from The Super Shiny Amazing Real Life Adventures of a Fat Runner
Me from Scribblings
The Ramblings of a Multi-Tasking Mama
Mel from The Drafty Garret
Julie from Julie You Jest
Suzanne Lucas from Times Squared
Debra Giuffrida from The Reluctant Author
Thoughts and Ideas from Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
Rhonda from Laugh Quotes
Fe at Felicity Writing Away
Ellen from Bad Word Mama!
VikLit from Scribblings of an Aspirting Author
Sherry Ellis from Mama Diaries
M.J. Joachim from Effectively Human
Rebeccah Giltrow from Rebecca Writes
Melanie Schulz
Marjorie McAtee from Don't Call Me Marge
Kirsten from Black Coffee and Cigarettes
Tonya Kuper's post from YA Stands
A month of....Blog
Starr Bryson from The Insomniac's Dream
Laeli at Words to Live By
Barbara Mizzoni-Young from all my lives now...ChChChChanges
Mark Craddock from Cross Planes
Barbara from March House Books Blog

Part 2: Promote 15 blogs via social media (cannot be the same blogs as Part 1)...DONE! (Again, the listing and the linking was not required, but again I figured why not?!)

Pinned Fat Mum Slim's June Photo-a-Day Challenge.
Shared Bridge and Beyond's facebook group on my profile.
Shared Kevin's Day 152 post from 365 Random Acts of Kindness on facebook.
Posted Kate's Reading Outside The Box challenge from ..... Musings of a Book Lover to facebook.
Tweeting Ida Chiavaro's blog link: Reflex Reactions.
Posted Kirsten's Short Story Ideas blog to facebook.
Tweeted Alana's writercize blog.
Pinned vvb32 reads' review of Bright Young Things.
Tweeted Rebecca's How to Put Links in Blogger Comments post from The Bexter Review.
Pinned the Dream Office photo and post from Shayla's TeaGarden.
Tweeted Jenn's Some Friendly Advice for Amanda Bynes.
Pinned Letters to my Someone.
Pinned King James Moneego.
Posted Maria Garcia's My Jane Austen Book Club to facebook.
Tweeted Suzy Turner's free offer of her novel Raven.

Part 3: Write a brief paragraph about any 1 blog and link to it in your post...DONE! (This is the required part!)

I stole this photo of Skip from Zoe's blog.
For the home stretch of M.J. Joachim's Blog Hopper Marathon Weekend Triathlon I am showcasing the lovely and talented Zoe from rewritten. I met Zoe through the A-Z Challenge in April and we've been frequent visitors to each others blogs since then. I actually think, Zoe may very well have commented on every one of my posts since she found my blog. Those comments wouldn't be a huge deal if I hadn't blogged almost every day in May. As I move on to a new challenge for June, I am sure I'll be able to count on Zoe's wise and witty words in the comments of most, if not all, of my posts. She blogs about her abundance of animals, namely her adorable poodle, Skip. She's working on a miraculous book that I cannot wait to read in its entirety. Did I mention she's sending me (or so she says) a copy of her brother's graphic novel, King James Moneego?!

...and FINALLY, that's it that's all folks! Triathlon complete!


  1. THANKS BRANDY! SOooo funny about Monego! I just wrote to him today to call him a deadbeat for forgetting me! I saw you pinned the site. He has another started I will have to find and send to you. You are so sweet to feature the skipinator as he is very vain and appreciative of his likeness anywhere he can find it! :)

    1. I can't wait to read the book(s) :) either xo

  2. Oh yeah, I just wanted to include that swearing is my forte so I was born for that blog challenge! I enjoyed every pornographic comment! :0

  3. Thank you, Brandy! You just made my day! I'm so glad you had fun with this blogging challenge and I hope to see you participate in many, many more. This is positively wonderful, and I love how you shared the love by including all the links to these in this blog post. All the more blog love to go around, and that is one of the main points of the Marathon! Thanks again :) M. J.

  4. Dear Brandy, I can't believe i missed most of May, I am dying to know what is happening with the chickens. Of course I had to comment here and say thank you so much you are such a sweet heart and I appreciate your mention. I have been poppin gin to check out some of your photo's but have also been flat out busy studying for exams and preparing for Summer holidays, I don't have a single free weekend from now until mid August, no complaining though it's all fun stuff. I've made it this far and will keep going until I find more about the chickens ... i love Zoe too, and I book marking this post, I am so sure that I will enjoy any blog you enjoy. Good luck with all your applications and thesis stuff... and I think your charity work (and your job) are incredible noble and admirable.