Monday, June 3, 2013

Photo-a-Day - 3: on my table

In addition to providing you lovelies with today's June: Photo-A-Day, I'm going to tell you about my day. Here's my photo first:

On my table at any particular moment of any particular day you'll find a collection that looks something like this: my laptop with a bursary application form open, a scholarship application, forms to confirm my attendance at a meeting, always a notebook, and always a pack of coloured pens. I'm a busy person...

...which leads me to the events that occurred throughout my day today (and most days). Keep in mind that while all of the upcoming things are happening, I am also at my full-time day job as an Office Assistant at Brandon University.

One of the WUSC students comes into my office and needs help printing off some resumes. At the same time he tells me that his brother who I am helping to put through Kenyan boarding school because he cannot get a decent education in the refugee camp where he lives, wants to fast track his education and attend a British boarding school (still in Kenya). The cost is about three times as much, but if he can fast track his high school education, he'll be able to apply to WUSC's Student Refugee Program and hopefully come to Canada (just like his brother who is sitting in my office). If he can't fast track his education, he'll be too old to meet the requirements for the program. He needs 2100 CAD. I currently have 700 CAD set aside for him. Like I said, three times as much. I'm going to be a broke ass graduate student in a few short months; how can I provide someone with what is likely the only chance he has to better his life? How can I not?

As I am packing up text books to send to schools, orphanages, community groups in Africa through Better World Books and Books For Africa (This shipment will contain approximately 25 boxes of approximately 20 books each. I do this at least once every two months.), another WUSC student comes to me because he needs my help finding the book he requires for the Spring Session class he just started. At around the same time, another friend of mine comes to my office because she needs help printing her thesis. I tell her to hold on a minute while I go with him to get his books. I help him find the textbooks. I print her thesis. I continue packing textbooks...

...and that, my lovelies is #justadayinmylife.


  1. See you found the hint I dropped on MJ's blog. Thanks for visiting and good luck posting a photo a day. I've now kept it up for just over six months.

    1. Yep! I'll be posting my Scavenger Hunt post soon!

  2. Youre doing a lot of good out there, Brandy.