Friday, June 28, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things: June 28 (Let "My Life: A Whirlwind" Begin)

I've been Celebrating the Small Things with VikLit and the other awesome bloggers linkup up on the hop for a month now! I've even recruited a few people too. You could be next, just add your link and start celebrating every Friday!

First, a little fun - I am celebrating the fact that I have a spare deodorant in my office because I sure forgot to put some on at home this morning! (I was starting to smell myself.)

Moving on...

Speaking of moving, we did. We're done. We're not totally unpacked, but yay anyway!

My bestie's bridal shower was a success! I have yet to get her to send me the photo of the absolutely ridiculous outfit that I put together for her to wear. That'll teach me for not taking a photo with my own camera. She got a lot of swag, she had a lot of fun, and the guests enjoyed the games and prizes I came up with. Next up, the bachelorette party! Can't wait!

The faculty I work for at Brandon University is hiring another office assistant so I will have less running up and down between department floors. Yay for a little more organisation around here for my final two months of employment.

Today marks the beginning of one heck of a whirlwind that is otherwise known as my life and that is worthy of the biggest celebration for this week. First stop, Calgary and one of my beautiful best friends! There are more details on My Life: In Countdowns and even that post doesn't include the fact that my best friend (the same one that I had the bridal shower for) is getting married at the end of September. I'm moving to New Brunswick at the end of August. She gets married here, in Manitoba, at the end of September. That means I have to fly back before I even really even get settled in. Totally insane! Totally worth it!

Cheers to you and your celebrations this week!


  1. Glad you got moved, and that your work life will calm down a bit now that you have more help. Have a good weekend! :)

  2. Ah yay to bridal showers! Glad you'll more help at work.

  3. Wow! Busy times. Thank goodness for deodorant! ;-)

  4. :-) That's a hectic time ahead for you! :-) Wish you happiness with the move!

    Off to read your previous post!

    (here via Viklit's linky)

  5. Oh, I do hope she sends the photo of the silly outfit and you post it! The joy and humor in such things (dear friends being silly together in the face of great joy) is something tremendous!

  6. Hey Brandy sounds like things are really going at break neck speed for you. SOrry I haven't been hear. Been ridiculously ill...hoping am on the mend. Havent been hopping much as the energy is low and the concentration lower. But you my friend I do not want to lose touch with. BTW, the bro is coming to town on Fri and PROMISES me a copy of Monego...we will see if he recalls... take care. Happy you don't stink any more! Z