Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photo-a-Day - 2: a moment

Fat Mum Slim holds a Photo A Day challenge every month and I'm finally taking part in one!

This moment occurs daily, often multiple times a day. My Winston loves to cuddle, but more specifically, he loves to rest his chin on the couch or my arm or my leg in anticipation of a rub or a scratch. Just look at that face, so full of the love that only a dog has for its owner. He's stolen my heart. Just one of those looks and I forget all of the shoes, socks, etc. that he has destroyed!


  1. Hes a beauty...We had a cat named winston many years ago...he was very dog-like...fetched, played dead...How old and what breed is your guy?

  2. He's a mixed breed that my fiance adopted from the Humane Society in our city. It's funny because Winston just fell in love with me shortly after I moved in with Joe. He pretty much became my dog after a very short time of me living there. Our other big German Shepherd is definitely "daddy's boy" though!

  3. Hi Brandy - exciting month ahead! I'm looking forward to your posts!
    A month of Blog...

  4. He's just too darn cute!