Monday, June 17, 2013

Photo-a-Day - 15/16/17: from above / family / centred

Yep, so much for keeping up with June: Photo-A-Day. As you can clearly see by the fact that I am posting three photos today, I am not keeping up with the challenge. I could blame it on the fact that I spent the weekend at my Mom's, but I don't really fancy excuses because one can always make the time for things if one really wants to. So, without further ado, here are my shots:

I was going to go outside and play around with the 'from above' prompt by taking pictures while standing on my truck box or on my front step or on my deck, but the mosquitos are so awful out there that I decided to make my Winston be a model once more and I stood on a chair in my kitchen.

I'm breaking my own rule on the 'family' prompt and using a photo that I didn't take myself. This is a photo from last summer at my family reunion. Our entire family and I do mean everyone got together with my 85-year old Baba (grandmother). Her brother and sister and their families. Her four children, nine grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. At the time of this photo there was even a seventh great-grandchild waiting to make her entrance into the world! There are no words to describe that happiness that was embodied in this day.

I pressed down the 'T' key on my vintage Corona so that the type bar would raise up directly in the centre of the type guide. Pretty cool, right?!

Hopefully, I'll be back to posting daily now, but I'm not making any promises. My life just got all kinds of hectic and blogging is, unfortunately, taking a back seat.

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  1. Your pictures are very special, Brandy! I love the family photo and glad you had such a memorable celebration! Hope you're enjoying the Summer.