Monday, May 13, 2013

The Little Koochie Snorcher That Kould

Have you ever read/watched the Vagina Monologues? I really have no words to describe Eve Ensler's masterpiece other than that it is cuntastic, pussyrific, an in-your-face celebration of womanhood done so intimately that you will find yourself doubled over with laughter, hyper-ventilating because you can't breathe through your tears, and absolutely proud to be and/or be on the same planet as the female gender of the species Homo sapiens.

When I was looking for a 'K' word for The ABC's of Swearing, there really wasn't a lot to choose from. Apparently Koochie (an apparently vulgar - we all know what I think about parts of the human anatomy being deemed 'vulgar') can be spelled a number of different ways: coochie, cootchie, kootchie, and the one I chose for this post: koochie. I decided to spell 'could' with a 'k' as well for appearance's sake.

So as I was saying about the Vagina Monologues, it will make you feel like you've never felt before, I guarantee it. Here's a clip of "The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could" from the Vagina Monologues. Brace yourself!


  1. Thanks for sharing that. I needed to laugh today.

    -The Insomniacs Dream

  2. Here's to transformed koochie snorchers! This was great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I never thought to check out youtube for vagina monologues.... what a performance I agree it is hard to put the awesomeness of Eve Enslers contribution to the world into words :)