Thursday, May 2, 2013

You say I'm a BITCH like it's a bad thing!

Someone (one of my close friends, I imagine) gave me a notebook with that exact (including the all caps) on the cover. The back of the notebook says, "If you want to BITCH about something, please take a number." My friends know we all too well.

Boss Bitch Tips
#1751: A boss bitch is a woman who handles her business without making it look like business.
#1748: You don't have to put your hands on someone to prove a point. A boss bitch can shut shit down with  her words.
#1718: Behind every successful woman is herself, her hard work, and her dedication.
This next one just might be my favorite - #1701: Don't give a fuck about anyone who underestimates you. You're well aware of your talents and strengths. You don't have shit to prove to anyone.

And now for just a little follow up...
After reading my Assholes and My Engagement post yesterday, Farmer Joe was a bit miffed that I called him an asshole. I told him what he did was an asshole thing to do and that I was also taking part in this blog challenge called The ABC's of Swearing (a very viable excuse). He attempted to counter my remarks (in a very playful manner, I must point out) by calling me a bitch.

Brandy = 1  Farmer Joe = 0.


  1. Poor Farmer Joe, you lie down with writers, you get up with stuff written about you!

  2. Haha.... at those counters and points. I m enjoying your posts.

  3. Farmers and writers. If it weren't for all the swearing I'd think you were the Waltons.

  4. Not sure what it says about me, but I like this!! Brilliant!! Lots of truth and wisdom in your words.


  5. I love all of those. Brilliant.

    -The Insomniacs Dream

  6. Hi Brandy, I left a reply to your question on my blog but will repeat it hear in case you don't see it ((go ahead and answer the 8 questions listed in my post (the ones I answered) or anything you like really. No rules just have fun.)) Congrats on the awards!
    Brilliant post if I'm not already a bitch I want to be one! :)

  7. Ah,bitch. Such a great word! I can't wait to see what you do tomorrow!